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SUMMERS HERE!!!!! ... (okay well maybe not yet, but it's getting close)

Calling all bar lovers, bar keeps, managers, assistant managers, bar tenders, servers, bussers, runners, cooks, expos, and adventurers alike!!!! Hope all have enjoyed a winter of fun and prosperity ... now we write to you about a righteous opportunity to keep the good times and money rolling.

So, this is the deal folks ... lend me your ears (or eyes technically I guess) and take a moment to get acquainted with the NautiFish Rum Bar, the place you'll be spending this summer - in a paradise you've never considered - with best friends you've yet to meet.

We are also looking for summer employment. This is the perfect “Life before work” job. It’s almost like a rite of passage. We offer the full experience with dormitory housing right next to the restaurant. Work all day, party all night without even having to get in your car. It’s a great way to make new friends, tons of money, and have the summer of your life. We are looking for all positions from cooks to bartenders to servers to tiki bartenders to musicians etc.

As crazy as it sounds, we actually had 2 reality tv shows filmed here at the NautiFish. One with MGMTV and one with the Food Network. It was crazy and is a testament to our AWESOMENESS.

So in short, we need to man up our Nauti Crew with some hard working fun loving people. Pretty much the sky is the limit as far as positions. We are looking for managers, assistant managers, servers ( last year they made upwards of $1000 a weekend working doubles of course), dockgirls (they made at least a few hundred a day -- its not a unique experience for a dockgirl to be handed a Benjamin just for her warm smile), bartenders, activities director, cooks, bussers, runners etc... know a good band or even a one man music act? Have them give us a call too. Also anyone who has special skills like can play an instrument or teach yoga or whatever, please let us know. Those skills make you very valuable !!!

As far as employee housing, we will have a small bunk house available for guys dorm style and a bunk house for girls as well, both are located on the property. If those fill up or you choose to stay off property, we can assist with housing possibilities.

If you are interested please shoot us an email and we can start from there. We will be opening in the beginning of March for our big St. Patty's Day pub crawl and we will need a couple of staff to help but our main season starts in May and we want to have a kick A$$ team ready to go.

Anyways, just keep us in mind. Come in and ask for us if you're out here!!!! The first round is on the house !!! Please do spread the word about the employment opportunities and be sure to like us on facebook (so its easy to find you and we're awesome) and checkout our website (being upgraded currently)

More info on the NautiFish and us.


Team NautiFish

NautiFish Rum Bar

3.3mm Niangua Arm

Lake of the Ozarks

573 286 2226

cell/off-season 240 422 3955

Job Type: Full-time

Pay: $5.00 - $25.00 per hour

COVID-19 considerations:yes

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